Jinsha y fifth middle school teacher attendance system

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Rule number one: discipline is the guarantee of all kinds of work. To complete education teaching task and other work tasks for the quality guarantee, ensure the smooth progress of education teaching activities, and make the system based on the actual situation of our school.

Article 2: advocate to overcome difficulties as far as possible, do not invite illness, personal leave. In case of special circumstances, it is necessary to perfect the leave procedures at the academic affairs office and arrange for them properly. The number of each teacher's illness and number of incidents per semester is within 1/3 of the weekly class. The teacher's substitute allowance is issued by the school at 15 yuan per section. In excess of this amount, the school will deduct the sick leave teacher allowance to the substitute teacher at 15 yuan per session. If you don't properly arrange, you will be short of time. If hospitalization sick leave, counting only the deduction, the substitute staff's subsidy, by the school at 15 yuan per session.

Article 3: no matter the class or other activities of the school, all teachers should attend the meeting on time. Arrive late to arrive after the specified time, early leave early for early leave, three times late or three early exit plan for a short period. Leave early, arrive late, be short of the amount of work to be paid and the corresponding part of the school post allowance.

Article 4: night self-study, the graduating class at the weekend class, if I can ask my classroom teachers substitute, such as no one, on the basis of the corresponding subsidy increases above $20 meter clasp, not included in attendance, not included in the annual quantitative appraisal teacher, but as the basis of school qualitative evaluation.

Article 5: mid-term, final examination and adaptive examination are strictly included in attendance. An invigilators for two periods of time (morning, afternoon and evening) for two periods.

Article 6: the teaching and research activities are missing once in two periods; All participants are required to participate in the meeting.

Article 7: the degree, a review of the job and mandarin, microcomputer business such as examination (substitute) please himself, leave approval, the approval time travel but only over time as the lack of kuang (even if someone substitute), a substitute person subsidies by the school.

Article 8: the work of business trip personnel shall be arranged by the academic affairs office.

Article 9: the death of the father, mother, father-in-law and mother-in-law of the teacher shall be one week; The death of his first cousin (his grandparents, his grandfather, his grandmother) was three days. Marriage leave, maternity leave and nursing leave are carried out in accordance with relevant state regulations. None of the above cases are full.

Article 10: the school shall distribute the subsidies of the eighth and ninth substitute teachers at 15 yuan per section.

Article 11: the on-duty personnel of the school must be in place on time and must not be absent from duty, otherwise they may be punished according to the circumstances. School administration office personnel, logistics personnel must be within the time required to go to work, no matter what thing cannot come to school to work or leave should notice to and the reason in marked place, and according to the actual situation in attendance. Any person who has not been able to take part in the class or has insufficient time and schedule other work shall be arranged by the corresponding department of the school, and shall be assigned to the post on time, and each of them shall be converted into one class in the afternoon.

Article 12: the attendance of each faculty member shall be included in the "quantitative rules for the implementation of annual assessment of teachers" for the basis of year-end assessment and promotion. For each school year, the cumulative amount of illness and personal leave is more than 1/8 of the academic year, or more than 4 hours per academic year.

Article 13: continuous personal leave and continuous sick leave are longer, and the salary shall be paid according to the people of guizhou. File no. 08.

Article 14: monthly statistics of teachers' attendance and publication last month.

Article 15: this regulation shall be implemented as of September 1, 2011.

Jinsha county no.5 middle school.

August 30, 2011


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